FilmManager - movie collection management made easy.

FilmManager is an easy to use management program for your movie collection.
All your DVDs, Videos, DivX and MPEG movie titles are stored in a database and each record can be easily edited.

The program's powerful search and sort functions let you find any movie quickly and easily.

Additional information about any movie can be downloaded from the Internet (IMDB, Amazon) or directly from a movie, making manual maintenance of your collection easy and interesting.

If you have a large movie collection, please download this program and try it out. You will not regret it!
Bilingual --> You can choose to run this program in either English or German

ATTENTION --> with the purchase of a version 4.x you receive updates for all versions 4.x 

NEW Version 4.6.1  (28.10.2011) 

- Bugfix amazon query

Attention: Change of the license model ( starting from version 4.x) --> Details
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Demo Video

Movie Administration

All movies are listed in an overview window in which they can be sorted and searched.

In the detailed view window, you can browse and edit movie information.

Up to 4 cover pictures can be assigned to each movie and you can later export them in HTML format.

Get movie information from the Internet

The integrated Internet Mode lets you download movie information and store it in the database.

In addition, you have direct access to the world's largest Movie Databases (IMDB, Amazon).

Internet Database - Please click to enlarge


Detail view - Please click to enlarge

HTML Export - Please click to enlarge

Excel Export - Please click to enlarge

Internet Database - Please click to enlarge

Loans - Please click to enlarge

Basic data - Please click to enlarge


Movie lists and graphics can be exported to Excel or HTML.

This is where you specify which movies are to be exported and which information is to be included.
The movie list can also be edited in Excel as needed.

Export - Please click to enlarge


Do you often loose track of movies you've lent to friends?

The Loan feature of the program is an easy solution to this problem.
You can save name and address data and the dates on which movies were lent out and returned.

The Loan List always shows you the current state of your collection.

Loans - Please click to enlarge

Free - Test the Demo

Please convince yourself of the quality of this program by downloading the demo version now. Once you have tried FilmManager you won't want to miss it.

Filmmanager.exe (ca 8,0 mb)

Buy now

Have you already tested FilmManager? Here you can purchase a licence for the program. All payment methods accepted.

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Version 1.2.0

- 11 fields per entry can be stored
- 3 additional pictures can be assigned to each movie
- export up to 4 pictures as HTML
- films can be edited faster --> with a selection box for data already stored


Version 2.1.0

- direct access to the enormous
Amazon database  
- all found data and graphics are downloaded to your PC automatically
- you can optionally connect directly to the Amazon homepage with a single mouse-click
- pictures can be viewed in full sized in a separate window

Version 2.2.1

- any movie file in AVI or MPG format can be assigned to a data record and then viewed from the 
exported HTML file
- additional HTML exports 
- Alphabetical QuickToolbar for fast title searches


Version 2.3.2

- Print Cover --> You can print a cover for any selected movie using the data stored in the database
- Bilingual --> Choose between German and English
- Improved user interface --> click the right mouse button in the overview window for a pop-up context menu

Version 2.4.2

- Direct access to the largest movie database (IMDB)
- Selection dialog for online results
- Movie number can be entered manually

Version 2.5.3

- 4 additional fields available in the "Add movie" dialog box
- The additional fields can also be shown in the overview window, and can also be exported to Excel or HTML.

Version 2.6.0

- new dialog design, XP-style menus
- import data from Excel and CSV files

Version 2.7.2

- Export to PDF (Acrobat Reader) 
- Completely revised Cover Print Function(now with DVD Cover)
- Movie Quick Preview can be started from the overview window
- Database Backup can be started from the program

Version 2.8.3

- New, modern Outlook - Navigationbar

Version 2.9.0 

- possibility to create and work with several databases 
- self-check --> new function for program self-checking 
- mouse wheel support to navigate in the overview 

Version 2.9.1 

- Backup directory can be set (in the Setup) 
- Backup -->  Pictures are saved now  
- Possibility to find double saved movie names  
- Improved sorting in the overview
Version 2.9.2 

- Advanced search added - a search in all fields is now possible 
- Default fields pre-emption added - movies can be added still faster 
- Improved manual search in online databases

Version 2.9.3 

- Multisearch Web - With this search you are able to get information from online movie databases for several movies at the same time. 
- Windows Like selecting in the Overview

Version 2.9.7 

- Import movie data from OFDB online database (German only)
- Import original cover form (German only)
- Improved cover printing
- New picture "preview dialog"
- bugfix: crash on Windows 2003
- bugfix: error "Database not available..."

Version 3.0.1 

- Number of the movie can be printed on the back of the cover
- Additional Cover Formats (DVD Slim/Superslim)
- Html Export (modern) --> Additional Fields, Country
- Change of the license model ( starting from version 3.x) --> Details

- bugfix: Cover were not imported from IMDB - database

Version 3.1.0 

- HTML export --> It is now possible to create own HTML Templates, which are supplied by the filmmanager with data
- 2 examples are provided in this version and can be adapted by you - please find further assistance in the help of the program --> chapter "HTML export"
- Please send the HTML Templates to, the best ones will be offered for download on the homepage

- Data import from CSV file --> improved error handling
- IMDB data base --> improved import

Version 3.2.3 

- Statistics Dialog --> Admin/Statistics
- Possiblility to assign movie numbers again --> Administration/Setup/Other options
- revised English documentation

- bugfix: Amazon query: Corrected Release year

Version 3.3.0

- Windows Vista compatibel
- Can be used now also with reduced user rights
- Improved Amazon

Version 3.4.1

- Movie - preview picture in main mask
- Covers can be also deleted now
- Save Layout - Maximized windows are supported now
- Improved OFDB inquiry (descriptions)
- Improved starting of movie files (VLC Player ist now supported)

- Movie data is downloaded correctly from IMDB database

Version 3.5.0

- Export to CSV File (can be used with Open Office) 
- Coverpreview - with a new checkbox it can be determined whether a preview of the Cover is shown or not

- Movie data is downloaded correctly from IMDB database

Version 3.6.2

- Detail preview in the main dialogue is now possible (different Styles available)
- Option to hide Search fields and detail preview
- Movie files can be started by an right click from the overview

- HTML export files are correctly presented in the Firefox browser now

Version 3.7.1

- Improved handling with keyboard (Pressing Esc closes dialog, Navigation with Cursor in Overview)

Version 3.7.6

- New Option in the Administration: "Allow to change selection by cursor keys"
- bugfix
: IMDB, OFDB query

Version 3.8.0

- Improved Amazon query (more fields)
- bugfix: Amazon query

Version 3.8.1

- Improved Amazon query (better review results)

Version 3.8.2

- bugfix: OFDB query

Version 3.8.3

- bugfix: IMDB query

Version 4.0.0

- completely revised modern surface (new icons, improved handling)
- show pictures in the overview
- start movie file from the overview
- loan date is shown in detail and overview

Version 4.0.1

- In some cases the OFDB query crashes

Version 4.0.2

- IMDB query

Version 4.1.1

- Different surface styles are available (Alien, Black Edition, Heavenly Blue, Media Center, Pink Bubble)
- Improved Amazon query
- Improved OFDB query

Version 4.2.0

- Amazon query - Starting from 03.08.2009 Amazon only accept signed requests

Version 4.3.0

- Movie files can be searched directly on the harddisk 
and get information from amazon in the same course
- IMDB bugfix: Actor information ist correctly readed

Version 4.3.2

- HTML Export
- Multisearch Web

Version 4.4.1

- Video file extensions can now even be defined in the master data
- In the HTML templates it is now possible to insert the path to the movie
   file with the wildcard "@moviefile" 

Version 4.4.2

- IMDB query works correctly 
- "HTML Export" - bugfix paths to files

Version 4.4.3

- Cover Download

Version 4.5.0

- Coverdownload database "darktown" or "coverparadies" can be choosed

Version 4.6.0

- Detail view can now be displayed on the right side of the overview
- Import movie file is now available
- Font size of overview can be changed in Setup